Upgrading the blog, day 360205

So … Hi back i guess ? :) Years have passed, the previous engine setup proved unreliable, update to jekyll, ruby, and whatever keep breaking up the thing in all ways i could not even think of. Jekyll-assets particularly seem to have a pretty hard time keeping up with the ecosystem, so … let’s try another way ? Hugo I found this tool, Hugo ages ago, basically the same concept as jekyll but based on a go software, always wanted to do the switch hopefully it would prove more reliable ?

Setting up an HA LoadBalancer with haproxy 2.x and exabgp 4.x

A few time ago i started a project of replacing our proprietary load-balancing solution. As i already previously used haproxy for the task i leaned over re-using this formidable software. However i did not wanted to use VRRP for HA-ing the lot, so there is the story of how i did this. Schema Here is a quick schematic depicting the final configuration: Setting up HAProxy First things first, you’ll need to add haproxy (at least 2.

Let's Encrypt Chef-Server

Hi, So today i wanted to switch our chef-server certificates from an old internal pki with issues (SHA1 …) to another solution, and since we are avid users of Let’s Encrypt this was my first idea. However i quickly stumble onto an issue, the chef-server private cookbook aren’t ‘compatible’ with this (ie there is no way to insert some custom nginx rules on the correct location to allow serving of /.